Host Families


  • Arrival: Every Sunday from 11AM in the morning
  • Minimum stay: 1 week
  • Maximum of 2 guests per host family
  • Included: Completely equipped bedroom and full access to kitchen, bathroom and other facilities within the apartment
  • Meals: Optional 

Spanish Host Families


This is an option for students who want to practice what they learn at school in a home environment of a Spanish family. It is also a great way to learn the culture and Spanish customs. 


You will be part of the family but at the same time enjoy your independence, with your own schedules and front door key. You can choose a double or single room, full or half board. 

Half board (breakfast) low season €310/week, high season €360

Full board (breakfast + dinner) low season €360/week, high season €410 


Our host families have worked with us for a long time. They understand the needs of our students and how our school works. It is important for us that students who choose to stay with host families feel welcome and part of the community. Our host families work with us to provide a full experience of learning Spanish in O Grove.


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Host family home
Host families

Learn Spanish in Spain

All levels & all ages

The school offers Spanish classes given by young enthusiastic teachers in an enjoyable and personal atmosphere. We have been dedicated to teaching Spanish exclusively for many years and take pleasure in sharing our knowledge of Spanish culture, gastronomy and customs aswell as our language.

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