A beautiful seaside town

We are located in Spain, but probably not where you expected


Escuela Rias Bajas is situated in one of the most beautiful and pristine parts of Spain. Galicia is a region yet undiscovered, untouched by massive tourism, full of hidden beaches and spectacular wildlife. Rias Bajas or Rias Baixas is not only the name of our school but also the name of the region we are located. This is a region of fiord-like bays and islands, forests and hills.

O Grove is not a massive city. It is a beautiful seaside town located on a peninsula that is connected to the mainland by a big bank of sand. This bank of sand is also one of the best beaches Spain has to offer. La Lanzada beach is 5 km of pristine white sand that opens to the Atlantic Ocean. Its geography makes it one of the best places for surfing or kite surfing in the region.

This is our home and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The isthmus connecting us to the mainland
The isthmus connecting us to the mainland

What makes our location special

Ria de Arousa

Ría de Arousa

Did you know Spain has its own fiords? Rivers meet the Atlantic Ocean in spectacular, hidden bays. These in in turn provide for crystal-clear water and sandy, white beaches. This is called a Ría. The Galician coast is peppered with rías. They provide for the spectacular wildlife, natural islands and amazing seafood. 

Ria de Arousa is one of those formations. Moreover, the Peninsula of O Grove, where our school is located, opens the Ría into the Atlantic Ocean.

A beautiful fishermen village

Seaside town

O Grove is on the one hand a beautiful seaside town. On the other, however because of its privileged location it’s a special spot on the Spanish Atlantic Coast. 

You will find everything in O Grove within walking distance. The market, which opens very early in the morning, offers dozens of different types of seafood. For example, you will find fresh mussels, crabs, scallops, clams, barnacles, lobsters and calamari. One of the typical Galician dishes is octopus a la feira, served with spicy pepper and olive oil. You can find all of those ingredients at the town market. 

Beer and tapa


O Grove has many bars and restaurants. These serve traditional Spanish tapas. One of the specialities of the region is white wine, called Albariño. In our opinion, it’s the best white wine in Spain. Our school organises events which give our students opportunities to try different tapas in different restaurants.

Ria de Arousa

The beach

There are four different beaches within 10min walking distance from the school building. The port is right around the corner. In addition, there are many beaches around the O Grove Peninsula. Our students will be able to discover them during the different after-school activities. For example, a good way to explore the area is kayaking or surfing on the famous Lanzada Beach.

Pedras Negras

The surrounding area

The Peninsula of O Grove is surrounded on one side by the ría. The other part is more open to the Atlantic Ocean. In other words, there are vast possibilities to explore different natural landscapes on the Peninsula. It’s especially beautiful on horseback. However, a great way to get to know the spectacular surroundings of O Grove are bike riding, kayaking or trekking. We provide activities and information on best routes. 

Octopus with paprika

The food

Galicia is famous in Spain for the huge variety of seafood, which comes from local waters. Additionally, fresh fish caught every day at the shores of the Peninsula is available in the fish market and local restaurants. 

There are many bars and restaurants in O Grove. We even have two restaurants with Michelin starts. It’s not surprising considering the amount of fresh local produce available every day. Our school offers cuisine courses for students interested in discovering the gourmet side of Galicia. But we also give a lot of tips on where to dine the best type of seafood and fish.

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