Cultural Activities in Galicia

This is the Spain you haven’t discovered


We believe one of the best ways to get to know our Atlantic corner of Spain is through culturalactivities in Galicia.

The variety of cultural activities and events we have prepared will help you put the Spanish skills you learn in the morning into practice in the afternoon.

O Grove, and the Spanish Atlantic Coast give the perfect opportunity to learn about Galicia and Spain, about the different customs, types of food and wine. Additionally, you can choose to explore Galician urban culture in Santiago de Compostela and other cities, as well as local traditions in rural settings.

Santiago de Compostela cathedral
Santiago de Compostela cathedral

Activities we organise

Students at viewpoint

Welcome activities

What we love about Galicia is that foreigners become part of the local crowd almost immediately.
The best way to break the ice in Spain is by socializing. Preferably with some tapas for everyone to share.

We meet every Monday in a local pub where all newcomers gather. This is a traditional informal meeting which allows us to get to know our students, and for people to relax and wind down after, usually, a long trip.

For us, it’s one of the highlights of each week.

Celtic village ruins of Castro Baroña


Excursions are our speciality. We cooperate with guides in all the major Galician cities. One of
the landmarks of Galicia is Santiago de Compostela, not an hour away from O Grove. You will
learn about the Santiago Cathedral, the Plaza de Obradoiro, and the history and cultural events
of this university city.

  • Price: 25 euros per person
  • Time: Saturday full day excursion
  • Transport: included
  • Booking: one week in advance
Galician building

Traditional Galicia

These activities take place in an adapted traditional rural cottage. Our students will have the
opportunity to bake corn bread using traditional techniques, experience the Queimada ritual, and
try typical Galician meals from 100% sustainable and ecological ingredients.

  • Price: 10 eur per person
  • Place: A Quinta de Temperan (just outside O Grove)
  • Time: Monday-Friday afternoons
  • Booking: two days in advance
Queimada pot

Typical Galician festivities

Galicia is a region where people love to follow local traditions. Each town has their own fiesta. In O Grove we celebrate Galician day on 25 July with special festivities and a dinner with the locals. Also, O Grove hosts the Seafood Festival in October, one of the most important gastronomic and cultural activities in Galicia.

Tapas on a pub

Tapas Tour

O Grove has a vibrant town life. We organise dinners in our favourite restaurants for individual
classes as well as the whole school and social activities after-school. Together with the local
pubs and restaurants, we organise a tour de tapas evening each week. This particular activity is
a favourite among our students because they have the opportunity to mingle with the locals and
vote together on everyone’s favourite tapa.

Cies Islands

Boat trips

Our school arranges boat excursions for students. Favourite routes include trips around the Ria de Arousa, where the Peninsula O Grove is situated, and the famous Islands of Ons and Cies, which are national natural parks. During these excursions, the students not only get to know the spectacular nature of the Rias Baixas region but also get to know each other and different cultural backgrounds,
because our students come from all over the world. Our school facilitates the registration of visitors, which is obligatory to access the Islands.

  • Price: 35 euro per person
  • Place of departure: O Grove port
  • Time: Saturday, full day 10-17
  • Booking: Three weeks in advance
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