Accommodation options in O Grove


An important part of your stay at O Grove is the accommodation during the weeks you’re staying with us. At Escuela Rías Bajas we help you find accommodation, we offer shared or private appartments. Another option is staying with a local family. If none of these options suits you, we can also recommend you hotels or pensions that partner with us to offer you a special price for your stay.


We want you to feel at home with us. That’s why we are constantly assessing the quality of our accommodation offer, by constantly checking the appartments and asking students and hosts for feedback.

Accommodation options in O Grove
Accommodation options in O Grove

Accommodation options we offer


  • Shared appartments – Cheap and affordable. You will meet other students that will be your flatmates. The perfect opportunity for practising Spanish.


  • Private appartments – If you are coming with your family or just with a group of friends this is an excellent option.



  • Hotels and pensions – If you prefer the hotel option we can recommend the best ones in O Grove. Feel free to ask in case you want a different type of accommodation (camping for instance)

Learn Spanish in Spain

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The school offers Spanish classes given by young enthusiastic teachers in an enjoyable and personal atmosphere. We have been dedicated to teaching Spanish exclusively for many years and take pleasure in sharing our knowledge of Spanish culture, gastronomy and customs aswell as our language.

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