Spanish Courses

Minimum age: 16


  • The duration of the courses is adapted to the needs of the students
  • Intensive courses consist of 20 or 30h per week from Monday to Friday (1 class = 45min)
  • The size of the groups is very small, from a minimum of two to a maximum of eight people
  • The teaching staff is native and specialized
  • We offer all levels from initiation to advanced

Our Spanish classes and tutorials are designed for very small groups or private classes. Spanish language classes always focus on conversation and practical communication. Spanish grammar is taught in a communicative context and adapts to the specific needs of each student. Our lessons are personalized, offering a balance between Spanish grammar, writing, comprehension and oral expression.

The Spanish course material is included in the price of the course, except the book. You can buy the Spanish learning materials at our school or rent it for a small fee.

At Rias Bajas School we use our own original material, prepared specifically for Spanish (and other languages). When and if we work with textbooks, these are the ones we usually use:

  • Spanish course material: «AULA» y «AVANCE»

The themes and topics discussed in class during the courses vary depending on their level. While in groups for beginners in Spanish we give priority to elementary and everyday situations, on more advanced levels we work with increasingly complex texts and topics, in which current issues such as press articles, political and cultural events predominate. The themes have been chosen for their interest and power of motivation. Student proposals are welcome!

Our main objective is that students expand their communicative competences and correctly use Spanish in different situations in everyday, personal and professional settings. At all levels, teachers develop oral and written expression and listening comprehension, always giving priority to practical conversation.

The small size of the groups allows for a relaxed and personalized environment. This strengthens the communicative orientation of our courses.

At the end of the Spanish course each student will receive a certificate of attendance, specifying the language of the course, the level of the course, its intensity and its duration.

The levels

On the registration form, please indicate the approxmiate level of your Spanish knowledge. This will help us place you in an appropriate group – although the most important step is for you to take the placement test once you arrive in O Grove.

As a general rule in our school, there are no problems to change levels later. If you think you are between two levels (in Spanish or any of the languages we offer), indicate it by marking the two closest levels (eg: A-1 / A-2, A-2 / B-1, B-1 / B-2, B-2 / C-1) on the registration form. The levels and their contents correspond to the European reference framework for languages.


European Framework

Basic User




Independent User -  Intermediate


Independent User - Upper Intermediate


Proficient User - Advanced


Proficient User-  Proficiency


spanish courses prices


Small groups (3-8 students)

Spanish courses with 20 or 30 lessons per week

Level test at the beginning of the course

Maximum of two students living together in host families

All teachers are native speakers

Learn Spanish in Spain

All levels & all ages

The school offers Spanish classes given by young enthusiastic teachers in an enjoyable and personal atmosphere. We have been dedicated to teaching Spanish exclusively for many years and take pleasure in sharing our knowledge of Spanish culture, gastronomy and customs aswell as our language.

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