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Granada, more than any other city in southern Spain, exudes a distinctly Arabic air. This is hardly surprising, since the city played a leading role in one of the most spectacular chapters of Spain’s history, relating to over seven centuries of Moorish rule in the south of Spain.

Language school in the heart of Granada

Our school is situated in the heart of Granada, close to the “Plaza Nueva” and a stone’s throw from the “Albaizín” and the cathedral.

The reign of the Moors in Granada bequeathed to the world one of its most precious monuments, the Alhambra and Generalife.

The Catholic Kings Reconquest of Granada in 1492 led to further architectural legacy in the form of magnificent renaissance churches and palaces such as the cathedral, the Capilla Real and the Cartujo.

The city itself is a maze of narrow, paved, hilly streets of whitewashed, flower-covered houses that make up the oldest quarters of the city. Names such as “Albaízin” the Jewish quarter and the “Realejo” give testament to the co-existence of Moors, Jews and Christians in former times.


Granada is a provincial capital and seat of one of Spain’s finest universities. Students, both Spanish and foreign, make an exiting contribution to a city with a distinctly Mediterranean way of life. For entertainment there is a wide range of culturell events and local festivities.

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Spanish Courses in Granada

Learn Spanish in Granada

All levels & all ages

The school offers Spanish classes given by young enthusiastic teachers in an enjoyable and personal atmosphere. We have been dedicated to teaching Spanish exclusively for many years and take pleasure in sharing our knowledge of Spanish culture, gastronomy and customs aswell as our language.

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