Spain unknown

Spain unknown

You’ve done the rounds. You’ve been to London, Paris, Milan. You ventured into Central Europe, Prague, Budapest, Cracow. You adored Barcelona, though at times you thought it was overcrowded. And yes, you did get robbed once, but you still loved the Sagrada Familia and the Gaudi benches.

Now you’re ready for a different experience. You no longer like crowds, long lines to packed museums, long nights at the best dance club by TripAdvisor, where locals are never seen. You’re tired of the typical, the cosy, the easy. You don’t want to go off the beaten track, because there it’s also full of people, queues, plastic dinosaurs full scale and other unimaginable horrors of modern day massive tourism.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve probably travelled along the same mental and real pathways as I did.

Spain would never have seemed to me as a place where you can still discover nature, eat fresh, local produce, and party with the people who live down the street from the pub. And yet.

After travelling extensively in Spain, I have to say that no place has sand this white and pristine. And somehow, it still remains undiscovered by most people.

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