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The Levels

The school offers classes at various levels, which may of course be split into sub-divisions if necessary. A brief test on the first Monday enables us to ensure that each student is studying in a class which correctly corresponds to his or her knowledge of the Spanish language. Our 6 levels follow the European Framework of References for Languages as well as the guidelines of Instituto Cervantes.


This course is intended for absolute beginners, offering an introduction to basic elements of the Spanish language. Communicative exercises involving role play and informal expressions are also taught to enable you to quickly use Spanish in everyday situations.


This level is for beginners with some previous knowledge. In these classes we study or revise elementary grammar and introduce the past tenses (imperfecto and indefinido). Emphasis is placed on the practice of language in everyday situations such as shopping, eating out and asking for directions. Authentic material such as easy newspaper articles, comics, songs and simple literature is used. Conversational practice will increase your confidence to take part in simple discussions.

LEVELS B-1 & B-2

The learning of a language is closely associated with the culture, history, society and politics of the country concerned. For this reason we examine more complex texts, themes and teaching material in order to create an authentic picture of modern Spain (and to some extent Latin America). Humour, songs, lifestyles, culture, history, literature, films, sayings and idiomatic expressions as well as students own suggestions form part of the program. The development of conversational skills is of particular importance.You will learn to speak more confidently in a variety of situations.
Level “B-1” is for more advanced students who can already hold a simple conversation. At this level we finish the study of basic grammar (structures already covered including future and perfect tenses) and we begin studying more difficult aspects such as the subjunctive tenses.
At level “B-2” we revise and perfect use of previously studied tenses, study the subjunctive in more depth and work on conditional clauses.

LEVELS C-1 & C-2

These levels are designed for students who already dominate the fundamental structures of Spanish grammar but who nevertheless wish to improve their ability to communicate at a conversational level. Students can discuss the themes they would like to tackle. Typical grammatical problems common to non-native speakers as well as the “perífrasis verbales” are studied. You therefore learn to express your ideas in a more precise, colloquial and fluent manner.

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